Fundación Esplai

Esplai150px1The Fundación Esplai is a statewide non-profit association with international projection,       especially in Europe and Latin America.

The Fundación  mission is "to educate the childhood and the youth, to strengthen the educational entities of leisure time and the Third Sector, to improve the environment and to promote the citizenship and the social inclusion, with capacity for transformation.

The Fundación Esplai brings together persons and entities, with a work career for more than 30 years, that have stimulated projects and organizations in Andalusia, Catalonia, Madrid, Basque Country and Valencia.

It's about a statewide project that, with common objectives, adds efforts generated in the different nationalitites and regions of Spain, and that is called to create synergies and to help to give creative answers to the new social and educational challenges. A project which combine the local and the global logic, the proximity to the persons, the social challenges and the collective approach to the strategies.

The Fundación Esplai activity is aimed at associations and social initiatives, at the public Administration and at the society in general. Its mission is to develop the following program and projects:

  • Digital Education: literacy, participation and useful uses of the ICT.
  • Actions of Learning Service: "Conecta Joven".
  • Education for the health and drug dependence prevention.
  • Development cooperation.
  • Preparation of materials for reflection for the Third Sector.
  • Associative Development.
  • Social inclusion.
  • Promotion of the educational leisure time and the education in values through the Esplai centers, in Spain and in the world.



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