Festa Esplai 2015. A unique opportunity to learn and share...

Last 10th of May of 2015, the “FESTA ESPLAI” 29th Edition was celebrated in Parc Nou located in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona), the big annual event organized by Fundació Catalana de l’Esplai alongside their entities. 

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This fun and festive event brought together 8.000 children, educational leisure activities instructors, and families from all over Catalonia, who enjoyed more than 50 activities for all ages. In good weather, this was a space to give visibility to all the actions of Fundesplai and their entities.

Young from the 2015 edition Tresca Europe were involved in the activities

Young from Tresca Europe participated in a facial makeup workshop for children, successfully applying their skills and abilities. They also energized a small stage with dances and music for all ages; throughout the morning dozens of people: young and families were encouraged to dance by their proposals. One of the most successful activities in space Tresca was the one with soap bubbles where dozens of children learnt this ‘ephemeral art’ positively.

For those who did not know about this Tresca "FESTA ESPLAI" space, it was a unique and positive experience to see how other young are already active as educational leisure instructors in their recreation centres (centres d’esplai). Perhaps in the 2016 edition of "FESTA ESPLAI" those young from TRESCA will participate belonging to a recreation centre.

"FESTA ESPLAI" was the peak of the #botaxlainfancia campaign that Fundesplai launched in January 2015 claiming equal rights and opportunities during childhood, now that 27.3% of children are living below the poverty line.

Throughout the fun and festive "FESTA ESPLAI" day, participants took pictures "jumping" (jumping on trampoline or bouncing a ball) posting them on social networks, under the hashtag #botaxlainfancia.

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Gran Bot per la infància FUNDESPLAI


06th/June 2015


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