Agencia Jove Burjassot


The “Instituto Municipal de Cultura y Juventud de Burjassot”: IMCJB is a public institution to encourage, promote and carry out policies and projects of culture and youth, in the town of Burjassot, a village near the city of Valencia in Spain.

The IMCJB has a wide range of social programming performing arts, visual arts, education, entertainment, libraries, local heritage and participation and new information technologies.

The IMCJB in its continuing effort to innovate, presented his draft municipal action aimed at youth Agència called Jove and training area IMCJB "Centro Cultural Les Sitges". The main areas of activity of this project are:

  • The occupation.
  • Participation.
  • Recreation and leisure time.
  • Training for Youth Employment.
  • Housing.
  • Participation and volunteering.
  • Youth information.


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