What does Tresca Europe mean to you?

When I first was proposed to complete this course, I thought it was a wonderful idea. I studied socio cultural animation, because this is the filed where I want to develop a professional career. Thus, taking part on this course gave me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and skills on a professional, social y emotional basis. It is amazing to find other like-minded people who feel curious about the same profession than me. I am starting to meet them and it makes me feel really happy. 

On this course I learnt skills completely unknown to me such as how to interact with others and learn to communicate with people. I am pretty impressed on the great amount of procedures and resources we are provided with in order to use them when working with children. 

Another highlight is the opportunity of maximizing our time by LEARNING, as current employment and financial situation is disastrous for everybody. I feel this is worst for young people, as we have plenty of energy to perform almost any job. 

This course helps us to reinforce self-esteem, joy and excitement, which are, in turn, passed on other people who learn by watching what we do.

The most thrilling aspect of this initiative is the opportunity to meet other people as well as the ever growing contents we deal with such as procedures, games, interactions, dances, activities, choreographies and, especially, lots of smiles. 

I have just got one more thing to say and it can be summed up in a few words: THANKS for helping to build my future.

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