From the Tresca Jove, meeting local and European  needs:

In this context, at the end of 2010 we propose to carry out from the Fundació Catalana de l´Esplai (FUNDESPLAI) the first edition of the Project Tresca Jove in order to guarantee the accompaniment through tutoring  of the young people in situation of social risk along a process of integral training inside the area of the leisure time education, which should allow them to take advantage of formative and educational opportunities and of social and labour insertion.

By means of the implementation of the project we proposed to promote the social and labour integration of young people, with the design and implementation of integral actions of professional orientation and personalized itineraries of labour insertion.

In these three editions of the Tresca Jove at local level (with two editions already finished and the third one in the final phase of implementation) have taken part in the project: 205 young persons from 17 municipalities of the province of Barcelona and 65 entities. In the last finished edition, 27 % of young people has linked themselves as volunteers to educational and social entities of the territory; 20 % of young people has been incorporated to the labour market and 16 % has taken again their formative process.

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Through these editions, the project has been consolidated, incorporating year after year, the proposed improvements by the different social actors From the results obtained in the implementation of the project , and from the experience and consolidation of the same one, we suggest the need to share the obtained success and our methodology of work with other social organizations at European level, generating in this way a common frame that promotes the social inclusion of the young participants; and while it responds to a need every day more required: to promote the social inclusion of a great number of European young persons detached from the educational and labour system " NEET: Not in Education, Employment or Training", 12,9% in the EU-27.


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