Arci Solidarietà Onlus

logosolidarinouARCI SOLIDARIETÀ ONLUS is a center of community life that expresses and substantiates its social responsibility, civic and political through daily actions, interpreting its commitment to operating as a driving force in the improvement of society.

We are a group about 80 young, qualified, trained, experienced and very willing in pursuing common goals and face daily challenges that our society offers us. A laboratory of ideas, projects and experiences immersed in the daily contradictions, acting for the promotion of rights and collective demands.

The heart of our work is the promotion of social and cultural development of all stakeholders, in particular Roma and migrants, which is expressed in support of education, in cultural mediation and guidance to public services, in starting to work and vocational training.

The action to enhance the integration of strategic subjects, such as associations for social promotion and territorial spontaneous ones, aims to create a new social fabric and develop new forms of governance in the territories, a direct participation of citizens in decisions about public policy and a virtuous cultural integration.

We do: